5 Reasons to Trim Your Trees THIS Winter

We receive many calls from customers and prospective customers asking about the best time to trim (or prune) a tree. And while certain species of trees require pruning at specific times during their growth cycle, most trees are perfect candidates for a Winter trimming.

Here are five reasons why NOW is the perfect time to trim your trees:

1. It is Easier to Spot & Remove Problems on Dormant Trees

When foliage is gone, our arborists can easily identify and remove dangerous,

dead or dying branches to protect your trees, your family and your property.

2. Winter Pruning Reduces Disease Risk

Trees heal better in winter, before new growth begins and insects appear.

3. Dormant Trees Are Happy Trees

Pruning trees in the winter maintains optimal growth, structural integrity and beauty, with less stress to the tree.

4. Winter Pruning is Economical

Dormant trees are less difficult to prepare so you save money.

5. Reduce Liability from Winter Ice & Snow Storms

Diseased or awkwardly growing branches can snap under the weight of ice and snow.

If you would be interested in speaking with our Certified Arborist about why pruning your trees before this Winter’s ice and snow storms arrive is the best hazard prevention you can take, please fill out the Contact Us form to receive a free estimate.