About Monster of Central Wisconsin

Serving Homes in Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point, & More!

When it comes to tree service, choosing one company over another seems fairly straightforward: pick the company with the services you need for the best price. That’s part of why Monster has been America’s most trusted tree service since starting in 2008. However, that’s not the whole story—our clients refer us to other homeowners and continue to call us for help because they know they can trust our word, our work, and our professionalism.

What makes us different from other tree service companies? More to the point, what has allowed us to become America’s first tree service franchise? It’s not just our service or our approach—it’s our mission. When we started, Monster set out to do two things: create happy customers, and promote healthy trees. For nearly 10 years, we have continued to fulfill our mission to homeowners throughout Central Wisconsin and across the nation!

How Do We Accomplish Our Goals?

Monster has achieved everything it has because we are committed to partnering with as many tree-owning homeowners as possible. That’s why we fight to provide the highest-quality services for the most competitive price: to make tree care, trimming, pruning, and removal accessible to virtually any homeowner. We also offer some of the best professionals and resources in the industry, including:

Experienced Tree Experts

The foundation of Monster’s services is our assessment, which provide homeowners with the information and action plan they need to take care of their trees. Our assessments are handled by our highly-trained arborists, who have the experience and skill to spot your tree’s problems well before they become safety hazards or major threats.

Whether you’re facing potential dead wood, parasites, tree disease, or require emergency removal, our arborist will be able to provide you with honest, upfront information. Their work has saved our customers countless dollars and hours of stress by giving them the ability to prevent damage or death to their trees—while also keeping their home looking beautiful!

Seasoned Professionals

Our teams are made up of tree service professionals who have seen every type of tree problem under the sun. Strange tree parasites, unsuitable soil quality, unusual growth patterns, weak roots—our team has handled it all. What that means for you is we can tackle any problem, big or small, with professional speed and effectiveness because we’ve already handled it before.

In-House Equipment

Monster Tree Service employs its own in-house cranes, bucket trucks, and operators. That means when you need us for big jobs or emergency services, there’s no delay, no extra subcontractors, and no extra fee. Our team just shows up and gets the job done. That’s the advantage of having your own equipment, and that’s an advantage we pass onto our clients.

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