About Monster Tree Service of Charleston

Serving Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, Charleston & More!

Whether you need a simple trimming or a total removal of several trees on your property, Monster Tree Service of Charleston is the name customers in the Mount Pleasant and Charleston areas have come to trust. We not only offer the most affordable tree care service prices, but we are known for our customer service that’s second to none while getting the job done right.

We like to think we’re so much more than a tree care service company. While we offer everything from small trimming jobs and brush management to tree relocation, removal, and stump services, we also offer a customer service experience that you won’t find anywhere else. We believe trees are one of the most valuable and precious resources on earth, and that’s why we treat them with care and are committed to tree preservation and so much more. We love trees, and that’s why we do what we do!

Industry-Leading Practices

Why has Monster Tree Service of Charleston become the name customers all around the Charleston area have come to trust? We do things a little different from other landscaping and tree service companies.

We Employ Certified Arborists
When it comes to managing trees, you don’t want to settle for anything less than an experienced professional. We’re proud to employ a team of certified arborists, who can advise you throughout the process, lead the team through a detailed process, and take care of your property so it stays beautiful while the job gets done.

Our Tree Care Teams Are Experienced
Simple mistakes can be devastating to the trees or to your property as a whole, and that’s why we go above and beyond to make sure our teams are trained and experienced in handling your tree care needs. When our team arrives, you can trust that we’ve seen the problem you’re facing before and we know how to handle it for you. This way we avoid the headaches, get the job done, and protect your home and your property from damage.

Our Equipment Is the Best in the Business
At Monster Tree Service of Charleston, we don’t rent equipment that’s constantly used and hardly cared for—you expect the best, and that’s something we never compromise on. We own a fleet of in-house grinders, cranes, bucket trucks, and more that are all carefully-maintained in order to ensure safe and effective operation. We’re prepared to handle the job you need done, and we have the tools to do it effectively.

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