Tree Service in St. Paul

Monster Tree Service is the go-to tree care company for homeowners and residents in and around St. Paul, MN. When investing in a tree service company for their landscaping needs, homeowners expect a certain level of quality, and our company not only meets it, but exceeds it. Our maintenance tree services are performed by experts and are guaranteed to improve the aesthetics of your property, and in turn, your property value. For a landscaping evaluation, contact us today to discuss your tree and shrub needs.

Expert Trimming

To help enhance and maintain your tree’s health, proper trimming techniques should be used. Trimming allows trees to improve their structure and prevents dangerous incidents from occurring when it comes to dead or dying limbs.

Our tree care experts can inspect every tree on your St. Paul property, from saplings to mature trees, to diagnose any possible issues that need to be assessed. Then, our tree care professional will consult with you on the best course of action to achieve both health and longevity for your tree.


In order to prevent branches from falling and to make a safer environment, cables can be installed in trees to provide them with support. This tree service is conducted when heavy limbs hover over buildings, or bad weather conditions made the limbs weak. Cabling also provides assistance for wide-spread branches, multi-stemmed trees and bark crotches. If you have a tree that needs a little extra support, Monster Tree Service can help.

Storm Damage Repairs

Storms in the area can come up fast and furious, causing havoc for your trees. With our reputation for being responsive, we’re the company people call first when they need damage repairs and removal or clean up. Contact us for an evaluation and recommendations; we can get your property back to its old shape almost as quickly as the storm took it down.

Tree and Stump Removal

Monster Tree Service is focused on the care and preservation of trees in and around the East Metro area. To ensure the safety of residents and their property, tree removal should be performed with state-of-the-art equipment by experienced St. Paul arborists. We remove trees, but we also remove stumps as well! Why would you need to get rid of a stump? Well, the answer is simple– stump removals allow for replanting