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Want to give a shout out for the great job Monster Tree did for us. Had 5 maple trees that needed cleanup. Other trees in our neighborhood that had been trimmed by others were pretty much stripped of their branches leaving only leaves at the top of their trees. Our trees still have shape and substance to them, along with shade! We also had 2 mature blue spruces removed due to disease. The actual removal and chipping of the tree in its entirety had the neighbors taking videos. A different tree trimming company was working at a neighbors and they all stopped to watch the trees come down in one piece and be chipped. Would definitely recommend their service! Everyone was very courteous and they cleaned up all the debris nicely.
We met Bill Juenger at the Lake County Home & Garden show last spring and we were eager to have Monster Trees do a low brush cleanup of the canopy trees (oaks) in our backyard. He advised us it's best to do oaks when they're dormant and that he'd send out his arborist to do a review. The arborist came out, complimented the yard & made suggestions for cleanup. As he was leaving, I made a comment about my spruce tree and he suggested a solution for that as well. Bill soon came out and treated the spruce. It's been looking really great since then. Just today, Bill's knowledgeable tree trimming team removed large branches too close to the house roof & cleaned out the dead branches under the tree canopy. The team was friendly, skillful, quick, and did a great job cleaning up following the tree trimming. I also want to add they took precautions of safety re: our yard art and grill and moved everything to a safe location prior to starting the job. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Monster Trees-Lake County to keep our trees looking good and healthy. Thanks, Bill & team!
Katy and Dave
My husband and I would like to thank you for sending your very capable people to do the work on our property today. Starting with your arborist, Steve Lehman, who is so knowledgeable and caring about his work. Steve saved our viburnum bushes by suggesting cutting out the dead part and allowing the new growth to survive. He gave me an education about some of the trees that were growing from neighboring yards into ours and how to trim them attractively. Steve is a very personable young man. Today, we had a great team consisting of Serafin, Raul and Jeremiah. They arrived on time! Serafin introduced himself and suggested we do a walk around the property delineating the different procedures to be accomplished. We agreed with the original lists as I was given by Steve. The team went about their work diligently and in conjunction with each other. Great Teamwork! We were so impressed with their abilities and at the end of the job, their attention to detail about beautifully cleaning up every area. The finishing touch was Serafin again doing a walk around with me to show the accomplished procedures.
John and Maryellen B.