About the Monster of Lake Norman

Professional Tree Service in Gastonia, Kings Mountain, Lincolnton, & Beyond

On the surface, it might be obvious to people why customers choose Monster Tree Service. We match or beat any competitor’s quote, we have competitive prices, and our services are high-quality. But those things are by-products—they might be why customers call us, but it’s not why they continue to recommend us to homeowners throughout Mooresville, Cleveland, and elsewhere in North Carolina. It’s because we’re not just a tree service company—we’re a business with a vision.

Our vision is to partner with every arbor-loving homeowner in North Carolina to help them grow and improve the health of their trees. We’re passionate about trees because they are a vital natural resource. Trees clean the atmosphere, provide homeowners with privacy and shade, and shelter all kinds of amazing animals. They’re not only the center of your property—they’re the center of your ecosystem.

That’s why our mission has two parts: create satisfied customers, and promote the growth of healthy and diverse tree populations.

Our competitive prices are meant to make tree care accessible to as many homeowners as possible. In fact, whenever we remove dead or fallen trees, we offer to plant one as a replacement. Our vision and our goal is reflected in everything we do and every service we offer. That’s why we provide the following:

Certified Arborists

When our arborist visits your home, they’re not just looking at your trees and where they sit. They’re looking at your soil, at the bark, at your branch structure, your available sunlight, and every other detail that their training tells them to look. All of our work is backed by the expertise of someone who understands North Carolina’s climate, and our service is based on that extensive knowledge.

Experienced Professionals

Our teams of tree specialists have years of experience handling every kind of tree-related job under the sun. We’ve seen trees crash into houses, stumps two feet wide, deadwood trees covered in disease, parasites, or insects. In every situation, our team has figured out an effective, creative solution. That level of experience doesn’t come with a price tag—it saves our customers countless hours and dollars. That’s because they already know how to solve your problem. After all, they’ve solved it dozens of times before.

High-Quality Equipment

There’s no overstating how important it is to have the right equipment in-house. Having our own cranes, bucket trucks, and grinders (and experienced operators for each) means our teams are equipped for every kind of tree, job, or situation your property throws at us. More importantly, it means you don’t ever have to deal with additional fees. No subcontractors, no wait times—we tackle your problems quickly and immediately, with minimal costs.

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