About Our Tree Services in Lancaster

Learn for Yourself Why We’re the Leading Tree Service Company

When you have a tree problem at your home or business in Lancaster, who will you call? Our tree care experts are prepared to handle all your tree care needs, no matter how big or small the job is. We can trim and shape your trees, remove them, and even replace them with similarly sized trees to keep your yard looking beautiful all year long. At Monster Tree Service of Lancaster, we believe in two things—healthy trees and your complete satisfaction. Every tree stump removal and care service we perform is based on these two principles.

At Monster Tree Service of Lancaster, we’re proud of our work and our ability to uphold the highest standards of excellence and care for each and every customer. This is why we’re dedicated to ensuring you’ll never need to go anywhere else for tree stump removal, pruning, emergency tree removal, or other arborist services. Our Lancaster tree care experts will take the time to listen to you and understand your needs fully, so that we can customize our services to meet your unique goals. We even offer free, same-day estimates to help you save money, make decisions, and handle your insurance claims with ease. Remember—if our sign isn’t in your yard, it’s a sign you’ve paid too much!

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We Make You a Priority

We know that you have a busy schedule, so we strive to ensure that our tree services are as simple, painless, and efficient as possible. When you have a tree emergency and need to make tough decisions, our Lancaster arborists are here to help you. Our fast and accurate quotes can help you handle your insurance claim as soon as possible, and our efficient services will return your home or business to normal in record time.

Since trees don’t always wait until a convenient time to come crashing down on your home, business, car, or other structures, our emergency services are on call. We’re ready to respond to your after-hours calls in less time, and we’re fully equipped with our own cranes, tarps, winches, and other tools needed to protect your residential or commercial property and prevent further damage. Why call anyone but the very best for your tree emergencies?

Discover for yourself why your neighbors in Lancaster trust our professional tree trimming services for all their tree care needs. Call (717) 210-5005 for a free estimate today!