Bethlehem Tree Service and Removal

undefinedNo matter what season of the year it is, your trees may need to be serviced due to various issues. You could be enjoying a walk through the snow around your property, or taking a stroll on a warm sunny day through your yard and notice dead branches or a weak limb ready to cause extensive damage. When you need tree service experts that offer fast response in the Bethlehem, PA area, Monster Tree Service is the company you can trust. Our trained professionals perform a variety of tree service for residential and commercial properties.

Tree Removal with High-grade Equipment that Produces Results

To achieve quality tree service and tree removal in Bethlehem, PA, the right equipment is needed to get the job complete. If you need obstructive stumps removed, we have grinding machinery that will chip them away below ground level. For tree removal that must be conducted carefully and safely, we use our state-of-the-art crane equipment. We can take down trees that are obstructive or dead without destroying any other areas of your property thanks to our premium, innovative tree removal equipment.

Why You Should Opt For Routine Inspection

Many homeowners make the error of waiting for a bad weather storm to knock down their dead or weak trees, causing extensive damage to their property. This hazardous and expensive issue can be prevented by routine tree service inspection. Monster Tree Service has inspected properties all over Bethlehem, PA, to make sure trees are healthy and are safe to be around. Our certified arborists will check your yard to make sure your trees are not diseased, aren’t overhanging buildings, or growing into utility lines.

When we discover a tree that needs to be serviced, we consult with you to let you know what would be the best course of action to take. We also arrive on the premises to conduct routine pruning and trimming to make your trees look more appealing.

Healthy Trees Make Our Environment Safer!

It is important that you hire a qualified arborist to service your trees. You may not be able to tell that your trees are dead or diseased just by seeing their exterior. Monster Tree Service prunes, trims, elevates, thins and cables trees in the Bethlehem, PA, area to make them stronger and to improve their health. The healthier your trees are, the safer your property will be from damage and hazardous issues.

Hire Monster Tree Service today to perform routine maintenance and tree removal on your property at an affordable rate!