Tree Service in Easton

Large tree branchesMonster Tree Service has the right tree services for individuals all over Easton PA, regardless of the size or type of property. Our skilled customer service experts can also link up potential and current customers with a tree service plan that is right for them.

We pledge to deliver our services in a timely manner with close attention paid to customer service. Easton, PA is rich with arboreal culture, and we understand how important it is to preserve the natural beauty of the local trees.

Extensively Certified Arborists Around Lehigh Valley

Monster Tree Service’s certified arborists in Easton and all around Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley undergo extensive education in climbing techniques while under scrutiny of the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA).

Each certified arborist becomes fully acquainted with many of the common and indigenous species occurring throughout Easton and the Lehigh Valley.

For Monster Tree Service’s experts, it is a necessity to identify threats like animal and insect infestations, fungus and disease quickly and accurately.

Combine all of these things with the full insurance coverage we provide for our certified arborists and projects, and there’s no mystery why the Lehigh Valley loves Monster Tree Service.

No Tree Service Project Too Small or Too Large in Easton

Easton, PA is full of vibrant landscapes. Natural foliage and flora around Easton is green and lush in the summer, colorful in the fall and spring, and beautifully encrusted in ice and snow during the winter.

Monster Tree Service’s certified arborists service trees of all sizes and varieties, at every stage of their lifespan. We service the largest oaks and the thickest firs and spruces.

We offer a wide selection of tree services throughout Easton, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our certified arborists can also visit your property on a routine or emergency basis. We have the latest knowledge pertaining to tree trimming, pruning, and deadwooding techniques.

No matter the tree, we’ll service it. If it is growing in a potentially dangerous spot, we’ll perform a hazardous tree analysis. This analysis discerns whether tree removal is necessary. During the analysis, we’ll look for cracks, dead or rotting wood, infestations, and disease. However, we’ll also observe the surrounding property and utilities.

Quick Tree Removal, Only When Customers Need It

We believe that some property owners gain a sentimental attachment to many trees on their property, and realize that serious amounts of money and time can go into producing a healthy, large tree. This is why we believe tree removal should always be a property owner’s last resort.

However, trees can easily become threats to surrounding property and people if they are dying or dead, in a dangerous location or are poorly maintained. Tree removal is one of the hardest parts of our tree services in and around Easton, PA.

If a client’s tree is in a location that threatens surrounding homes or other property, it requires professional, safe removal. We have the safest and strongest crane-assisted tree removal methods to make sure that trees are safely taken down minimal or no damage to their surroundings.

After we finish tree removal, and all that remains is the stump and root systems, we safely extract the stump and roots. We then grind down the excess wood and add the mulch and dirt to the area where tree removal was necessary, fully preparing it for new planting projects.

Servicing Property Owners all around Easton, PA

Aside from routine tree services and removal, we offer many other services to property owners and managers all around the Lehigh Valley. We assist individuals with residential, commercial, industrial and institutional landscapes as well as lots and construction sites, where we can provide lot clearing services and even snow removal.

Monster Tree Service offers these tree services and more to those interested in the Easton/Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area.