Expert Deep Root Feeding Service

Professional & Certified Arborists Promoting Your Tree’s Health

If your tree’s growth has begun to slow down, leaves are beginning to yellow, or your climate is particularly dry, then a deep root feeding may be what your tree needs in order to thrive. The principle behind a deep root feeding is to provide your tree’s root system with a strong reserve of nutrients through the fall and winter when it is dormant. However, not just any fertilizer is suitable—you’ll need a professional service like Monster Tree Service!

Monster Tree Service is the nation’s leading tree service company (and its first-ever franchise of its kind)! What has driven customers to our door is not just our affordable prices or our high-quality service—it’s our passion and love for trees. Our knowledge of tree life, the soil they require, and what kind of attention each tree needs has allowed hundreds of homeowners all over the U.S. to have vital, healthy, beautiful yards.

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What Is a Deep Root Feeding?

In a deep root injection, our certified arborists take a special mixture of tree nutrients and inject it directly into the soil of your tree’s root system. What this provides is sort of the arbor equivalent of a long-term multivitamin. Essentially, when your tree is dormant in the fall and winter and relies on its nutrient reserves to survive, it will feed on our nutrient injection.

The boost will allow it to maintain its growth and strength throughout the year. As a result, it will be less susceptible to insect pressure, parasites, and disease. By the time the spring rolls around, your tree will be ready to grow faster and more effectively.

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