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In our experience as tree surgeons, we’ve found that many homeowners will overestimate how much certain factors will affect their tree, and severely underestimate the effect of other factors. Soil is a prime example of a tree health factor that few people truly understand. Did you know that the top 3 factors that affect your tree’s growth have all to do with the state of the soil?

The most powerful tree growth factors in general are:

  • Soil water availability
  • Soil aeration
  • Soil drainage

Taking care of your soil in the short and long term won’t just take care of your tree—it will allow every plant, herb, and shrub on your property to thrive. Our expert soil analysts can thoroughly investigate your soil, understanding its density, alkalinity, aeration, and nutrient makeup, to determine which trees and plants would best grow in your yard—or how to make the soil more hospitable for your current plants!

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Monster Tree Service is the leading tree service company in the nation for one reason: we’re passionate about helping homeowners have healthy trees and yards. Our vision is to partner with every homeowner across the country to help them grow strong plants—that’s why we offer expert insight and quality service at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Homeowners trust in our service because we offer:

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  • Genuine care for your yard

Healthy trees provide clean air, beauty, privacy, and shade. When your trees are healthy, you and your entire neighborhood benefit. That’s why we want to analyze your soil and give your trees the nutrient boost they need, like with a deep root feeding, a soil injection, or anything else your soil needs.

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