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Ticks are one of the worst pests your yard can have. They carry genuinely harmful diseases, the most well known of which is Lyme disease. They also actively prey on any warm-blooded animals, including your pets, your children, and even you if you’re out in the yard often enough. The good news is that tick populations can be killed or controlled through professional plant health care treatments.

Monster Tree Service combines age-old traditional horticulture with cutting-edge technology and equipment in order to rid your yard of ticks. Our methods include state-of-the-art pesticide methods that protect your yard and your loved ones without sacrificing effectiveness against ticks, including tree injections. We also recognize the power of simply keeping your yard cleaned up—one study found that homes could reduce tick populations by 40 to 80% simply by cleaning up dead leaves, where ticks like to nest.

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How Tree Service Prevents Ticks

Ticks thrive in dark, shaded areas. It’s why tick populations grow so large in wooded areas. Our professional tree trimming and pruning can actually reduce tick growth by eliminating the shaded areas they’re attracted to. Our professional shrub specialists can also prune or remove potential tick nesting areas around your yard, creating a barrier that will keep these pests from invading your property.

As experienced and certified arborists, we look at your yard and immediately begin work on the highest-risk areas for ticks. Wood piles, dead leaves, branch piles—these are all areas that our work eliminates, which can immediately impact the amount of ticks on your land.

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Monster Tree Service is the leading tree service in the nation because we’re passionate about two things: developing healthy trees, and allowing homeowners the chance to have thriving plant life. What matters to us is that your property is healthy and enjoyable for you and your family, and that means getting rid of ticks, mice, and all pests that could possibly cause you harm. With state-of-the-art equipment, expert knowledge, and nearly a decade of experience, you can trust us to take care of you and your home.

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