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Trees and shrubs are beautiful additions to any home, but far too many homeowners don’t realize that having a tree or large shrub requires regular maintenance. Overgrown plants can cause themselves to become sickly and attract pests—or simply just look less appealing. When plant growth begins to endanger itself (or surrounding structures), then it’s time for corrective pruning.

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Corrective pruning is a horticultural practice that controls the direction and thickness that a plant grows. For example, thinning a tree or large shrub allows light to penetrate the plant for effectively—leading to a healthier plant and more flowers the following season. For trees, corrective pruning can be even more important.

Corrective pruning, like deadwooding, prevents insects and disease from destroying your tree. It allows it to grow in a healthier direction, and can prevent the tree from causing damage to your home after a storm or windy day. By getting a professional to assess your trees and apply corrective pruning, you can create a beautiful landscape that won’t be hazardous to your home or property.

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Since 2008, it has not been enough for our business to be successful or popular. What we want is to provide the best tree care in the industry, to promote tree and shrubbery health, and to empower homeowners to take care of the most valuable plants they have. It’s even our mission statement: promote healthy trees and create happy customers.

Because customer service and tree health has been our commitment, everything we do is geared toward that goal. It’s why our business invests in owning and operating its own cranes and bucket trucks, it’s why our teams include the most experienced and knowledgeable arborists in the area. In short, it’s why Monster Tree Service provides the highest-quality service to our clients (bar none)—at upfront, honest prices.