Professional Crown Reduction Service

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Is your tree looking overgrown? Are you dealing with dead leaves and branches everywhere? Or worse—is your tree beginning to look misshapen? Those are not necessarily normal parts of having a tree. In fact, they might be signs that your tree needs crown reduction. If any of this sounds familiar, call Monster Tree Service for a free quote or free assessment. We can take a look at your tree and determine what services you’ll need, when you’ll need them, and how much they will be.

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What Is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction is the shortening of your tree by cutting down the primary branches and foliage around the top of the tree. It is actually a deeply technical horticultural technique. Our tree surgeons will ultimately do what’s best for a particular tree, but in general crown reduction requires the tree surgeons to cut down to the level of secondary branches (using cuts that are no more than 60% larger than the secondary growths).

The technicality of the technique isn’t what should matter to you, though. The idea is that crown reduction, along with thinning, can make your tree grow more stable, reduce the amount of dead wood in the interior of the tree, and allow sunlight to penetrate its branches more effectively. This particular technique must be done correctly—which is why many clients turn to the certified arborists at Monster Tree Service.

Why Monster Tree Service?

Homeowners choose Monster Tree Service because we are dedicated to two things: promoting healthy tree growth, and creating satisfied customers. Since 2008, our company has worked to develop healthy tree life all over the United States because trees make our customers’ lives better. They provide shade and shelter, increase the beauty and diversity of the environment, and create clean air.

As a result, everything we do is about creating healthy trees on homeowners’ properties. It’s why our services are as high-quality as they are competitively-priced—we want every homeowner to have the opportunity to have healthy, strong, stable, and incredible trees around their home. Our passion for customer service and for trees is what has made us the leading tree service in the United States, and its very first national tree care franchise.

Clients continue to choose us as their tree service because we provide:

  • Upfront prices
  • Timely arrivals
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  • Expert tree knowledge
  • Fully-insured teams of workers

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