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Are you worried about a tree on your property? Trees, though appearing stable and strong, can be quite fragile. If pests have penetrated into the bark, they could be eating away at it from the inside. Deadwood could allow rot to spread to the trunk, severely compromising the tree’s health and stability. Strange or imbalanced growth could also contribute to stability issues. If all three are present, collapse is imminent.

What should you do next? Call Monster Tree Service! We have certified arborists who are skilled and experienced in spotting trouble for trees and plants.

With their expertise, you can be sure that your tree is stable and growing well—or know the next steps to take in order to ensure your tree is healthy. Our tree service experts can come out to your home and give you insight into your tree’s health, free of charge!

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Why Assess the Health of My Tree?

Like we mentioned earlier, it can be difficult for inexperienced or untrained eyes to spot a dangerous situation when it comes to trees. Many homeowners believe that a tree collapsing on their home after a storm is a freak accident, a sudden disaster—but the truth is that a seasoned arborist can tell when a tree is in danger of falling years before it happens. Like any sudden accident, there are far more factors at play than you might realize.

For example, some pests burrow deep into the trunk of many trees, causing damage for years before anyone notices. Roots can become damaged, or trees can become starved of nutrients or sunlight. These effects are often difficult to notice without a specialist calling attention to them specifically. These situations require honest, expert guidance based on years of professional experience.

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In 2008, our company started with a simple mission: promote healthy trees and create happy customers. Everything we do is designed to do just that. Our service exceeds the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and knowledge because we know it makes our customers’ lives better. Trees are a beautiful thing, and by offering free assessments of your tree, we can help you see the value of your tree too.

Our free tree assessment will include:

  • Short-term actions to ensure your property’s safety
  • Long term plans to make your tree stronger and healthier
  • An immediate action plan that will detail services your tree may need

For all tree health and tree removal services, our workmanship is 100% insured and given a low-price guarantee. Every homeowner deserves to have access to tree maintenance—our affordable prices makes sure that happens.

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