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When trees get old without pruning or maintenance of any kind, they begin to accrue branches on their interior. A lot of branches. While these trees provide incredible shade, too much shade can be a bad sign. After all, sunlight needs to be able to reach as much of the tree as possible. The denser the tree, the less likely it is that interior branches are getting the sunlight they need.

As a result, you’ll have a higher rate of dead wood, leading to more pests and potential tree disease. Thankfully, Monster Tree Service knows exactly how to handle the issue. Our certified arborist and our teams of tree specialists utilize tree thinning in order to, well, thin out the tree. The benefit for trees is like a cross between getting a haircut and losing 20 pounds—their limbs are less stressed, and they’re able to develop in a healthy manner.

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Why You Need a Professional to Thin Your Trees

Thinning your tree is not simply a matter of cutting branches. There’s a reason that people in our line of work are also called “tree surgeons.” For example, trees have growth cycles. After the spring, most trees have exhausted their energy in a seasonal growth spurt—meaning thinning them immediately after the spring could significantly harm it forever. Knowing when to thin a tree is as important as knowing how to do it. Every cut in a round of thinning can be beneficial to a tree, but even a few inches off (or choosing the wrong branch) can permanently wound a tree and leave it open to infection.

Monster Tree Service’s certified arborist can personally inspect your tree or shrubs to decide if thinning is necessary, how much thinning is necessary, and when it should be done. Our teams are deeply experienced with all types and species of tree, giving us the ability to take care of your trees for the long haul.

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