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This is the 3rd time I used Monster Tree Service. Every time each one of of the service team worked very well together. They respond very quickly to your call, quote quickly, as soon as the weather permits they arrive and both your huge trees problems to crape myrtle tree trim, plus light huge tree branch trimming problems are done, removed from your property just like that. If your like me and don't have the equipment and the energy it takes. Call them and so just like that all you tree owners can stop worrying about what went wrong. I do know they give a good fair price.
I couldn't be happier with Monster Tree Service. They did a very professional job removing two oak trees from my back yard. They left my yard in better condition than when they arrived. I couldn't believe how clean the site was when I got home to see the completed work. I will certainly recommend to anyone needing tree service in the area.
The crew did a fantastic job! It took a while to get approval from our HOA and there were no problems with extending the quote until we received approval. This was our second time using Monster. The quote was 1/2 as much as another service. Scheduling was quick. The team originally used a crane to remove a HUGE pine from the middle of our back yard (a year ago). This time they used a lift to remove four large Bradford Pear trees and a large Maple and trim the large pines hanging over our roof. I would highly recommend Monster!
Second time I needed huge trees cut down and completely removed from my property. Monster Tree Service was the fairest price both times and did a great jobs both times. Some of the trees were not just a easy job at all, but they did it and cleaned up everything so I didn't a huge mess to clean up after them. All the staff are very nice, work very hard and very easy to deal with. They also respond very quickly to requests and questions.
We contracted with Monster Tree Service to remove a true monster tree from our back yard and to trim dead branches from a neighbor's pine tree that were extending over our fence. The tree removed was a dead oak more than 50 feet tall, growing by a fence shared with a neighbor and located in a moderately wooded area. Two tulip poplars are growing adjacent to the dead tree. It was a really tricky job, requiring equipment that could get onto our property without taking the fence down and maneuver through the other existing trees in the yard. It was a job that also required experienced arborists with expertise and precision. I have to admit I was apprehensive about the whole process. Every single aspect of this experience surpassed even my highest expectations . My initial contact with Mr. Baldyga was very reassuring. The estimate was professionally prepared and submitted on the same day he came to inspect the situation. He impressed me as knowledgeable, trustworthy, and committed to great customer service. He shared his knowledge on questions about some other trees in our yard that was very helpful. He confirmed that the company was appropriately insured for workers' compensation and property damage that might occur. He spent time going with me into a neighbor's yard (with her permission) to evaluate the possibility of any damage to her property that could occur with the removal of this tree. His estimate was very reasonable considering the degree of difficulty the job entailed. They arrived today with a seasoned crew and an impressive array of equipment that was exactly what was needed to complete the job. Mr. Baldyga - who is apparently the owner of the company - was on site to supervise the crew and to help with cleanup. Everything was in great condition when they left. The cleanup was complete, and there was no damage to anything. The tree was felled without any problem, landing exactly where it was supposed to go. We have had other trees removed at other houses in other states, but I have never worked with a tree service that comes close to this one. They were true professionals from start to finish, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who asked. I will definitely call them again the next time we need tree help.
Bonnie B
My yard looks amazing! Such a difference. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you and your team did. It was a pleasure to working with Monster. Customer for life. Michael and Pat Veling
Pat and Michael V.
I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for the amazing work that you all have done with removing the trees from our home. In the two years that we have been in our new home you have been out to the property 3 times to remove and clear some trees for us so we could open up our property and build a pool. By some I mean over 40 plus trees! Working with you, Wes and your team has been an absolute pleasure! Your team has been reliable, professional and courteous every single time! Your estimates were reasonable for the market, you were prompt when showing up for my scheduled services, you completed the work with respect to my property and you never said no when I have asked for just 1 more tree to come down….which I appreciate! I won’t share what we have spent in the past two years but it has been worth every penny! I would highly recommend Monster Tree Service to anyone considering taking down even one tree on their property. It has been a pleasure working with you all!
Amanda B.
For years, we’ve tried a few different tree services to have our trees trimmed or removed. Each time we were disappointed with the experience and lack of professionalism. My husband and I spent weeks cleaning up the yard following the tree work. This year we responded to an ad that promised “Estimate in hours, not days!” We were very impressed with how knowledgeable and professional the arborist was and taken back when he arrived on time. His assessment was very thorough and gave us an estimate lower than we expected. He even talked us out of removing a tree and explained why our view of the risk was faulty. When the team arrived to do the work, they were thoroughly professional and communicated very well to us while addressing all of our questions. This was the most professional team we ever have had work on our trees. These guys worked like an experienced team, and after they were done, they cleaned up completely, even the street. I highly recommend the Monster Tree team.
I had a large tree that I wanted down by my house before the next storm. Monster Tree Service suggested I keep that tree as it was healthy and suggested an alternative one that should be removed because of its health and risk of hitting my house. I am thankful that I took their advice. After removing the tree, we discovered that it was so diseased that it was hollow and clearly one storm away from falling on my house. They also assessed my other trees to make sure they were okay did some pruning of large dead limbs. Not only did they do a great job cutting down the tree, but they did a great job cleaning up. They exceeded my expectations for a price much lower than I was quoted elsewhere.
In the nine years I lived in my home in Cary I have done all the fall pruning, hedge trimming and clean up and quite frankly didn’t think I could trust a tree service to do the same quality work I did. Every year it gets harder, as I age the trees continue to grow out of reach. My wife convinced me to try Monster Tree from a friend’s recommendation rather than buy a new larger ladder this year. I was completely and pleasantly surprised with the quality outcome and professional job you provided us. I still can’t believe your crew removed all of the wood and cuttings so quickly without any lawn damage. And the clean up your guys did was fantastic. I cancelled the ladder purchase and will have you guys back next year. Hanging up my pole saw in Cary.
The guys did a real good job pruning my trees, and excellent job cleaning up! Please thank them for me!
I just got home and everything was done perfectly! When I was home for lunch my five trees were still here and the shrubs were not yet trimmed. I was promised the work would be done today, and couldn’t believe by the end of the day when I returned all the work was completed. Everything was cleaned up! I wish I had been there to see it! You did an amazing job!
I would be delighted to talk to anyone about your outstanding services. My yard looks amazing and I have been overwhelmed with compliments from my neighbors. Please put me back on the schedule to have the rest of my trees and shrubs pruned as you see best.
Thank you for a job well done and done safely too. We are so happy to have that huge dead tree gone from our front yard. I was telling our doctor about the tree & mentioned your business name. She said I see their trucks all over. It is good to know they do a good job & you are happy. You never know as word of mouth can also bring business. We will recommend you to anyone looking for tree removal. It was nice not to worry with the storms coming yesterday. Have a great day!
Julie & Kevin
Dear Rich: I appreciate the professional way your organization handled our tree removal, pruning and stump grinding. The process from quote to completing the stump grinding was done very professionally. I was impressed with the quality of your crew working my job. Your organizations communication on job was prompt and pleasing. You have done an excellent job in hiring quality employees. I was also surprised to see the owner working as part of the crew. It is a testament to your personal investment in the business success. I was really impressed with your climber Don and appreciate his recommendation to remove the gum tree. I like that he prefers saving trees and not removing them unnecessarily. Both my wife and I was pleased with the efforts your organization took to leave our property in better condition then when you arrived on site. We received a good value for the money spent on the job. We would not hesitate to recommend your organization to others and will utilize your company again in the future when the need arises. We wish you much success in your business! Thanks for a great job!
Rich, Thank you for the paid receipt of the recent work you completed at my home. I also want to acknowledge the great work of you and your crew. I find it most refreshing to see individuals who pride themselves in doing professional work. This professional approach to wanting to do something well that you can be proud to take as your own is not the “norm” in today’s work environment. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to go above and beyond to complete the project.
I wanted to “thank” your crew for their work and how professional they were yesterday. I chose your company because I was comfortable with your arborist, Wes on our initial consultation and his willingness to work with us. The lead man who came first was very professional and helpful. Your company completed all of the work we agreed on. Thank you for a job well done. Regards.
Enclosed is my check for the stump grinding. This was the second time I used your services this year. Thank you for the outstanding and professional work. You have a fine team there!
Thanks for the tree work, it was very good. That Don guy was excellent. Jerry was also good, I noticed he did all the “picking up and heavy lifting” of the big limbs along with the other guy (sorry, don’t remember his name). I’ll send the check here in the mail tomorrow to your Cary address. Thanks again to your entire team. I will definitely recommend u guys for any tree work to any of my friends/neighbors needing tree service.