About Our Arborists in West Bloomfield

Leading the Way in Exceptional Tree Services

When you look out over your property and see a green, lush, and beautiful landscape, it can create an immediate sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. That’s the feeling all of our certified arborists at Monster Tree Service of West Bloomfield hope to deliver when we provide tree and lawn care services for your yard! We take our jobs as “tree surgeons” and lawn care specialists seriously, aiming to serve both our customers and the land.

Whatever your plant care needs, our West Bloomfield arborists have the skills and equipment to assess your landscaping situation and provide a customized care plan. Able to work on shrubs, trees, and everything in-between, we’ll use the latest in eco-friendly practices to keep them beautiful and strong.

Core services we provide:

  • Shrub pruning & trimming
  • 24/7 emergency tree removal services
  • Comprehensive plant health care
  • Pest infestation removal
  • Tree trimming and thinning
  • Soil analysis and deep root feeding
  • Fertilization
  • Land & lot clearing
  • Hazardous tree assessment

National Resources, Local Team

As the only national franchise offering certified arborist teams, Monster Tree Service is leading the way for better tree and plant care. Because we have access to the resources of a larger company, we have access to the latest in state-of-the-art tree care equipment, including our own cranes and winches. Even with this national reach, however, we still stay true to our roots. Our West Bloomfield team is locally-owned and operated – and we’re committed to improving our communities.

Contact us at (248) 560-6351 today to learn more about our arborists!