Licensed & Insured: Why Does It Matter?

Hiring Monster Tree Service Is a Smart Decision

Operating a tree service is a risky business. It involves operating heavy machinery in order to move logs, branches, and other parts of the tree (weighing thousands of pounds) to the ground in a safe, controlled manner from several hundred feet in the air. As hard as it sounds, it’s even harder to accomplish. It takes years of skill and training to be able to do what we do effectively and safely. Thankfully, that’s exactly what our teams possess in spades.

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As a matter of professional principle, we do everything possible to ensure our employee’s safety, and the safety and well-being of your property. We also ensure that we are fully compliant with OSHA Work Safety rules, Department of Transportation guidelines for safe vehicle operation, and all statutes and regulations issued by each state to which professional contractors must adhere. Our crews are trained in TCIA-approved safety programs, representing the best practices and training in the arboriculture field.

As a professional contractor, we are properly licensed to perform tree service at all levels and difficulties. At your request, we can provide a copy of our license for your review and information. We are also fully insured. We carry millions of dollars of Liability Insurance, as well as Worker’s Compensation insurance, general umbrella policies, and full vehicle and equipment insurance.

Upon request, we provide you with a Certificate of Insurance—almost always within 24-48 hours.

Why Does Having Insurance Matter for Tree Service?

Our insurance protects you while we are on your property doing the work you’ve asked us to do. If we were to drop a tree branch on your shed, break a window, damage a deck, or any other major damage caused by us while in the process of doing our work, our insurance company will pay the repair bills.

If you use a contractor who is not insured, and damage occurs while the company is doing the work, your insurance company will pay the repair cost, and of course your insurance rates will rise—sometimes dramatically depending on the degree of damage.

Just a dose of reality: if your contractor doesn’t carry the appropriate insurance and you try to sue the company for your out-of-pocket expenses due to the damage they caused, there’s a good chance if they don't have insurance, they also don’t have assets which can be used to pay your repair expenses.

In other words, insurance is not just for our sake—it’s for yours too. When contractors make mistakes, we all want what’s best for your home. That means providing a way for you to get the resources you need to repair or rebuild your property. Never, ever hire a contractor who doesn’t have the insurance to protect you in case they makes mistakes. At best, it’s foolhardy—at worst, it’s endangering your home.

The Monster Tree Service Difference

We aren’t just looking to cover ourselves—all of our training, our certifications, and our insurance policies are about making sure we can provide the best service while inspiring confidence in our customers. Your peace-of-mind matters to us.

When we arrive on your property, you can trust that no matter what happens, you’ll always end up with a pristine property safe from unstable or unhealthy trees.