Careers at Monster Tree Service

Join Our Team of Certified Arborists!

Are you looking for a fulfilling career working with trees? Are you passionate about serving both people and the environment in tangible ways? You might be a great fit for Monster Tree Service. We’re passionate about making the world a better place—and that means serving both humans and trees with professional, caring, and high-quality service.

Monster Tree Service is a tree health and removal service that utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, operated by experienced professionals fully-insured by our company. We do everything in-house, with no subcontractors—which is why we may need you! We pride ourselves on practices that are as convenient as they are environmentally-friendly, so we need arborists and tree surgeons who are committed to responding to customers quickly and courteously.​​​​

Opportunities for Owners & Employees

As the only tree service national franchise in the U.S., we have employment opportunities that are more flexible than other companies. That means more jobs for tree service professionals everywhere. Each of our locations are locally owned and operated, so if you have arborist experience, seek out a job at any of our nationwide locations!

Monster Tree Service is looking for team members who:

  • Have a passion for protecting trees
  • Have a passion for serving customers
  • Have experience operating cutting-edge tree care equipment
  • Want to have an impact on the environment in measurable ways

As a franchise, we also provide a powerful opportunity for entrepreneurs. If you are passionate about making an impact in customers’ lives while doing good things for the environment, starting your own Monster Tree Service might be the career you’re looking for! We are always looking to expand our network of owners—if you think you could be a good candidate, visit our franchising page today!