About Monster Tree Service of Middle Tennessee

Tree Services in Franklin, Kingfield & More

At Monster Tree Service of Middle Tennessee, we prioritize customer service, happiness, and satisfaction. Our team of certified arborists hold themselves to the highest standards and utilize high-grade equipment so every job is the best work we can possibly do. Everyone who calls (629) 209-5755 is treated like a good friend, and the way we handle each project, big and small, reflects that same level of respect and care.

The Monster Difference of Monster Tree Service

Honesty is honestly the foundation of our tree service business. When you have a tree on your property you want trimmed, we will look for the best way to get the job done and at the most affordable price. Sometimes we talk to customers who think a tree needs to be removed, but it is not actually causing any damage to their property, such as through invasive roots. We let them know. You never have to worry about overpaying by doing too much. Like we always say, if our sign isn’t on your lawn, you paid too much!

Cornerstones of our commitment to service excellence:

  • Professional arborists lead each tree service job.
  • Same-day estimates provided in most cases.
  • Top-grade equipment to remove delays caused by poor gear.
  • Competitive prices your wallet will appreciate.
  • Focus on tree preservation when possible and desired.
  • Advice for dealing with homeowners’ insurance company, for tree damage jobs.

Would you like to know more about Monster Tree Service of Middle Tennessee and our tree services, including emergency tree removal? Call us at (629) 209-5755 at any time.