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If your tree seems less productive than usual—undersized leaves, pale colors, reduced growth—then your tree might be suffering from lack of nutrients. This may be caused by a number of factors, such as insects, parasites, or tree infections. Not to worry, Monster Tree Service can handle whatever is plaguing your trees, and then we can bring your plants back to life! Once our professional arborists discover the root cause of your issue, we can help restore your trees and shrubs back to health with expert fertilization.

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Seasoned Fertilization

Everyone knows that fertilizer helps plants grow, but we’re not talking about a 12-inch tomato vine here. Fertilizing your tree actually requires quite a bit of technical understanding, experience, and even a little bit of chemistry. For example, certain trees and certain soils will react to one another, resulting in deficiencies of a particular nutrient. Knowing which nutrient and how much to fertilize with can mean the difference between a tree with a 100-year lifespan and a 10-year lifespan.

In addition, the season of fertilization is vital. Many arborists agree that the best time to fertilize is between April and May, when earlywood development is finishing, or in fall when the tree becomes dormant. The reason fertilization timing is so crucial is that your tree is a large system of leaves, branches, and roots that work in tandem with one another. The larger a tree is, the more majestic and grand it is—but also the more vulnerable to mismanagement as well.

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That’s why hiring a professional is so crucial. Even the way your arborist applies fertilizer and soil to your tree can make a huge difference. For example, not monitoring the level of soil on your tree could result in choking it of the nutrients it gets from sunlight, water, and fertilizer. There’s a delicate natural balance that your trees depend on—and Monster Tree Service is the team to maintain that balance.

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Our customers turn to us when they want to beautify their property and take care of their trees. Why? For a simple reason—we provide the industry’s best service at its most competitive prices. Our mission is to create satisfied customers by providing them with healthy, strong, and beautiful yards. With highly experienced teams led by expert tree specialists, we combine modern science with horticultural tradition to keep your trees growing strong for a long time to come.

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