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Shrub trimming is one of those homeowner tasks that a lot of people avoid. Intimidated by the possibility of damaging their plant, or even from a total lack of knowledge, people neglect their shrubs until they’re overgrown and wiry, lacking the flowers and leaves that made them desirable in the first place.

Monster Tree Service understands—we’ve seen a lot of homeowners in the same boat! Instead of stressing about it (or doing something drastic, like getting rid of your shrubs), let us handle the task. Our experienced team of tree care specialists know exactly what your shrubs need and when. Our trimming services can give your property and beautiful, clean look—while ensuring that your shrubs look incredible when spring comes around again!

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What Does Trimming Shrubs Accomplish?

Not trimming your shrubs can leave them bushy and large for a while, but what results is that the interior branches of your plant stop getting sunlight or nutrients. Essentially, the shrub becomes too big to support itself, so it begins to decay or thin out. The wood becomes unproductive, meaning you’ll have fewer flowers, lowering the overall appeal of your landscape.

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Trimming allows your plant to grow healthy and retain its natural shape. It promotes fresh growth, more flowers, and an overall stronger shrub. However, each shrub has its own ideal season and method of pruning. Not every shrub can be pruned or trimmed the same way. That’s why Monster Tree Service is such a popular service for homeowners—our teams include a certified arborist who directs our work, allowing your shrubs to receive the precise kind of care it needs.

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