Effective Tree Cabling & Bracing

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Old trees or specimen trees are valuable parts of your home. They not only contribute to your home’s actual market value, but they benefit your home’s ecosystem. Birds, fresh air, and climate moderation are all benefits of having a large tree on your property. However, old growth also has risks.

If your tree is beginning to grow in a way that is unsustainable or potentially damaging, you’ll need to hire a tree service to cable or brace your tree. When you need cabling, turn to the certified arborists at Monster Tree Service. Our years of experience in tree care and tree removal allow us to address your property’s specific issues and vulnerabilities and respond to them effectively and quickly.

If your large tree is at risk for damaging itself or your property, get a free quote from our professionals today!

The Purpose of Cabling

Like any living thing, trees are susceptible to harmful (albeit slow) development. If growth continues in an asymmetrical direction without correction, like a person with poor posture, the tree will one day be unable to support itself. If the tree is near your home, that means large branches could potentially cause your tree to fall on or near your house.

Cabling, when professionally applied, can correct a tree’s growth and apply it in a safer direction. Bracing straightens trees, giving them additional support that ensures your tree will live for years to come (without endangering your home or your neighbors). It can also prevent girdling, which is when a vine or a tree’s roots wrap around itself and choke itself of its vital nutrients.

Why You Can Trust Monster Tree Service

  • We are professionally certified arborists
  • We have years of tree service experience
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