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undefinedAt Monster Tree Service, we are committed to two things: keeping trees healthy and keeping customers satisfied! All of our services are designed with those two goals in mind. As a result, we’re the leading tree service company in the U.S., and the only franchise offering certified arborist teams in multiple locations nationwide.

What does our approach mean for you? It means:

  • Professional, on-time service
  • Emergency appointments available
  • Responses and estimates within hours, not days
  • Environmentally-friendly and convenient practices

When you want tree services that care about you, your property, and your wallet, we’re the company to turn to. Call (888) 744-0155 for a free estimate today!

What We Offer

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Taking Care of Plants & Trees undefined

One of our favorite things at Monster Tree Service is when taking care of trees and taking care of you align perfectly. That’s why we do our best to trim, prune, or improve the health of trees rather than remove them. When removing them is the only option, we even provide options for replacement. As Certified Arborists, we can transplant large trees to your property effectively and safely!

Our plant and tree care services include services like fertilization, pest and disease control, deep root feeding, and state-of-the-art trunk injections. Our fully-insured workmanship is guaranteed to be both effective and environmentally-friendly. When you want a service that cares for the environment while protecting your property’s value and appearance, call Monster Tree Service!