Plano Tree Services

Tree Removal and Trimming Experts

Monster Tree Service of North Dallas is a tree service company that offers professional tree removal, trimming and pruning services to customers located in Plano, TX.

Removing Unhealthy Trees

Large tree branchesAt Monster Tree Service, we want our customers to know that tree removal is needed when a tree is either dying, diseased, or dead. Leaving an unhealthy tree unattended not only causes it to become an eyesore, but it may cause safety issues as well. Trees that are not removed have the potential to cause damage to either you, your home, or your neighbor’s property. If you live is the Plano area and you wish to avoid costly repairs, call Monster Tree Service of North Dallas for cost-efficient and safe tree removal services.

Keeping Your Trees in Shape

Tree trimming must be done regularly to ensure the safety of your family, friends, and neighbors. Having this done every year also means that you are guaranteeing the health and longevity of your tree. Our Plano tree trimming service can ensure you are receiving precise tree trimming that will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the tree itself, but your yard in general.

Tree Pruning

If there is one thing we know at Monster Tree Service of North Dallas, it is that pruning certain kinds of trees before it sprouts with leaves, flowers, etc. in the spring time will enable them to grow to their full potential. The weather in Plano, TX is warm throughout most of the year (with the lowest temperatures being in January) so the ideal time to have your pruning done will most certainly be dependent upon the type of tree you have. Contact us to learn more about the opitmal time of year and to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Tree Service in Plano, TX & Surrounding Areas

Aside from serving the city of Plano, TX, our goal at Monster Tree Service is to ensure that we are the company to call for comprehensive tree service in Richardson, TX, tree removal in Allen, TX, and tree pruning in Frisco, TX.

To hear more about services or to schedule a time for us to come out to your home or commercial building, please give us a call today.