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Emergency Tree Care ServicesProfessional Arborists When You Need Them Most

There’s nothing worse than when unexpected hassles completely change your plans. Few homeowners ever think about the health of their trees until one crashes through their roof or a storm pushes one over. When that happens, turn to the company that can resolve your tree problems quicker than anyone else: Monster Tree Service.

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Monster Tree Service has seen trees block major thoroughfares, crash through homes, destroy swimming pools—you name it, we’ve seen it. Every time, we were there to handle the problem quickly and effectively, at a price our customers could afford. Our tree removal experience means you can trust that we know exactly how to tackle your problem in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Monster Tree Service serves clients nationwide under the approval of most home insurance policies. Typically, if you have insurance coverage for storm damage or emergencies, you are fully covered for our services. Additionally, all of our Monster Tree Service tree trimming, pruning, and removal professionals are fully insured and highly experienced in all kinds of emergency landscaping needs.

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Monster Tree Service: The Leader in Emergency Tree Care

Since 2008, our company has been wholly committed to two things: promoting tree health and creating happy customers. We’ve had a lot of clients come to us stressed and overwhelmed by their collapsed trees, unsure of what to do next. Our services are always the first step. We can quickly remove your tree and even provide a temporary roof shelter for your home after life’s unexpected disasters. By giving you a fast and effective solution, you get the clarity needed to figure out the next step calmly and confidently.

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