The Perfect Gift For Christmas

I’ve found the perfect gift for Christmas and the fact that it is tree related is just a bonus... Read more

The Leaves are Falling and So are Monster Tree Service's Prices!

Monster Tree Service wants to remind our customers that autumn is the perfect time to get your trees ready for the upcoming winter storms... Read more

The Money Tree

Today I wanted to tell you about a tree of particular fascination to me, the Money Tree. Oh, do I have your attention now?... Read more

Arbor Day

In case you were wondering about the meaning and origin of Arbor Day, I am taking some time today to elucidate you... Read more

Today is Sugar Cookie Day!

Once again, today’s blog has nothing to do with trees because we are taking a break to celebrate and eat, eat, eat sugar cookies! I think this is a great holiday, second only to Donut Day. Last donut day I went to four different grocery stores and bakeries to find donuts only to find them... Read more

Risk Assessment Basics

Today I would like to speak a little about tree assessment and risk management. There are three broad factors to consider when trying to give an assessment of tree risk. What is the potential for tree failure. Failure of the tree is the likelihood that the entire tree, or part of the tree will break or fall... Read more

Beware of Spike Boots!

At Monster Tree Service we care deeply about the health of your trees. Tree pruning a large tree should always be accomplished by having someone climb into the tree without the use of tree climbing spikes. This is climbing equipment that has spikes that you mount around your boots so you can step up a... Read more

How Trees Grow

Hello Monster Tree Service readers. I found an interesting article from the Minnesota DNR which explains simply how trees grow. (So, thank you Minnesota DNR). I know it seems obvious, but I love to break things down. Let’s explore. A tree is technically a woody plant. Trees grow throughout their lives and they grow in three areas... Read more

Let Monster Tree Service Help Solidify Your Marriage!

Hello. Today at Monster Tree Service I would like to discuss some reasons for tree planting. Did you know that the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood? Wood symbolizes that a relationship has become solid and long-lasting. So, purchasing and planting a tree would be a mighty affirmation and a joyous way to celebrate that... Read more

Minnesota Has 52 Native Tree Species

Hello. Today I am once again using information I found on the DNR Website for the state of Minnesota. Thank you again, DNR for all the informative and interesting information! In particular, the article about the 52 trees that are native to Minnesota. Remember, when you are interested in planting a tree, Monster Tree Service... Read more

Boreal Forest

Okay, anyone who read my last blog, “Minnesota Has 52 Native Tree Species” will remember that I made a lot of promises about following up on some loose threads. Since there were so many unfulfilled branches (wink wink)of exploration, let’s list them and decide what to write about today. Deciduous Forest Biome Known as Taiga Tree Allies Drupelike Seeds Okay...Read more

Drupelike Seeds and Tree Allies

Yes, the saga continues. Today I am making good on my promise to explore the term “drupelike” seeds and “tree allies” which we uncovered in our exploration of coniferous trees. Drupelike, you’re up. Let’s go to the dictionary. Okay, the word “drupelike” isn’t in the Oxford dictionary. Maybe its slangy because the word “like” is attached. The... Read more

The Deciduous Promise

Hello Monster Tree Service Readers! As some of you will recall, I promised to list the deciduous trees that were native to Minnesota. As a review, the word deciduous is an adjective which means 1. Shedding the leaves annually, as do certain trees and shrubs, 2. Falling off or shed at a particular season, stage... Read more

How Do Trees Survive a Minnesota Winter?

Good Morning Monster Tree Service Blog Readers. Today I have done some research for you on the topic of tree survival during the frozen winter months. As history has shown us over and over again, nature finds a way. And a tree’s approach to winter survival is just another startling example of when you start to... Read more

Types of Trees Based on Their Leaves

Monster Tree Service has experts to help you with all your tree care needs. We will come to your home and have a discussion with you about the trees on your property, and your needs and concerns. Your trees not only lend beauty to your home and property but a value to your investment and...Read more

Today is International Joke Day!

Hello and Welcome to the Monster Tree Service Blog. Today, by request, I will be sharing some more awesome tree jokes, and because, no kidding, it is International Joke Day! Who votes for this stuff? I want to be a part of this committee. I’m not complaining about their work, on the contrary, they had... Read more


Monster Tree Service works year round to provide our customers and their trees with the appropriate service during the proper season. Every tree has different needs, and every tree has a different SCIENTIFIC CLASSIFICATION. Let’s examine what this might mean. Plant classification, or taxonomy, is based on biological characteristics. The highest classification level is the Kingdom.... Read more

Ash Trees Symbolize Sacrifice, Sensitivity, and High Awareness

Ah, the ash tree. So ironic that it can symbolize sacrifice. As we have previously discussed, the poor ash tree is in jeopardy in Minnesota. And now to see that it symbolizes sacrifice and sensitivity combined makes perfect sense. The fact that it also symbolizes awareness is bringing out the mother in me and makes me... Read more

Tree Facts

June 18, 2015

Monster Tree Service loves trees. Deep research gave us some fun facts about trees. (Facts obtained at Did You Know?... Read More


June 15, 2015

Monster Tree Service has an incredibly dedicated staff of professionals who want to provide the best experience for their customers with our superb customer service, our value of service and our professionalism. Give us a call and test us. I double dog dare you. So if you read my last blog, titled “Let’s Get... Read more

Let's Get Philosophical

June 11, 2015

Today at the Monster Tree Service Blog I thought we might get philosophical about our friends, the trees. At Monster Tree Service our arborists will always give you the best advice on how to safely prune your trees so they remain healthy. Let’s take a minute to think about our friends. Take it away... Read More

Don't Wait for Abscission, Call Monster Tree Service Today!

June 5, 2015

Bread and butter, devoid of charm in the drawing-room, is ambrosia eating under a tree. – Elizabeth Russell So true. But what if that euphoric moment were to be interrupted by a falling branch from a tree that needed pruning? Let’s not let this happen. Monster Tree Service will help you fully enjoy your... Read more

Today Is "Say Something Nice Day"

June 1, 2015

Today, June 1, is “Say Something Nice Day”! In honor of that I would like to say something nice about the customers at Monster Tree Service. Monster Tree Service has serviced hundreds of customers who have been, in no particular order or combinations herein, delightful, thoughtful, funny, smart, and really nice. I know this for...Read more

Save Your Ash Trees From the Ugly Emerald Ash Borer Beetle!

May 28, 2015

Monster Tree Service takes pride in helping our customers with the health care of their trees. In Minnesota, unfortunately all our Ash trees are now in trouble. Remember when we went through the huge wave of Dutch Elm Disease? (I personally lost five beautiful elm trees in my yard..very sad). Well, now the...Read more

Potential Hazards of Tree Removal

May 19, 2015

As I’ve said before, Monster Tree Service takes safety seriously. Every day before the crews leave the shop they have a safety session. Each day is a slightly different topic. I’ll share a portion of Session 47 with you. (I’ve taken some casual license with the verbiage….for help with visualization….your welcome)... Read more

Tree Rings

May 14, 2015

Hello. Welcome back to Monster Tree Service Minneapolis’s Blog page! Monster Tree Service works primarily in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, like Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Chaska, Wayzata, Richfield, and of course, Minneapolis, but really, we will travel to you anywhere in Hennepin County to give you a speedy free estimate... Read more

Tree Books

May 11, 2015

Hello Again. Welcome to Monster Tree Service Minneapolis’s Blog. Last week Monster Tree Service advertised in a direct mail piece called Money Mailer. Did you get it in your mailbox? Did you see our coupons? I really think our mascot whose name is Chip is cute. But enough of the cute talk!... Read more

Safety and Responsibility

May 8, 2015

At Monster Tree Service we work hard and take our responsibility to the safety of our crews and the safety and protection of our homeowners very seriously. Safety is always our first consideration. It is important to understand that working with a tree service without insurance is an extremely risky proposition. If anything... Read more

It's Sad When An Old Tree Dies

May 6, 2015

Good Day to you! Monster Tree Service is an awesome place to work and the people are wonderful. While Monster Tree Service provides tree pruning, tree removal, and tree services for all shapes and sizes of trees, today, we are actually taking down a real MONSTER tree. So exciting. There will be lots... Read more

What Is An Arborist?

May 3, 2015

Hello again, and Thank You for returning for the second installment of Monster Tree Service’s Blog Page! Monster Tree Service of Minneapolis services tree and landscape primarily in Hennepin County Minnesota. If you are a little outside that boundary, no worries, give us a call anyway and let our experts either help you... Read more

Welcome to the Blog!

Apr 29, 2015

Hello and Welcome to the first entry of the Minneapolis branch of Monster Tree Service’s BLOG! At Monster Tree Service we not only love to service our customer’s trees with tree pruning, tree removal, and our other services, but we just love trees and want to use this blog reach out and visit... Read more