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Do your shrubs look overgrown? Is your tree growing in a strange shape? Even worse, is it weighed down by large, dead branches? If any of this describes the large plant life on your property, you might need professional tree trimming and pruning. Monster Tree Service can help, no matter the size of the job!

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Why Does My Tree Need Trimming?

Trees, like any other living thing, will respond to its environment. When a tree continues to grow without any restrictions (like natural barriers or trimming), its “posture” will be affected. It will grow asymmetrically, potentially causing safety issues for your home or your neighbor’s home. Overgrowth not only looks unattractive—it’s a liability for your property!

Trimming & pruning your shrubs or trees will give your property a clean look that helps your plants grow healthier and stronger. If you want your tree to grow in a particular direction, expert trimming will allow us to dictate how your tree develops. Our certified arborist can determine the best decisions for your trees and shrubbery, taking into account the specific species of your plants, their strengths and weaknesses, and the time of year.

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Monster Tree Service offers amazing tree trimming service at affordable prices. Our workmanship is fully-insured and conducted by seasoned tree care specialists. Our professional service is backed by years of professional experience. That means you can be sure your tree will not only look great, but it will remain healthy and beautiful for many seasons to come.

We want to make tree care and environmental health accessible to all homeowners. With upfront prices and no hidden fees, it’s time to call Monster Tree Service!

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