About Monster of Bucks & Montgomery Counties

Professional Tree Trimming for Montgomeryville, Horsham, & Fort Washington

Most clients choose us because we offer the highest level of professional service at an affordable price, but that’s not why they end up loving us. What draws clients to our door is our central philosophy, which affects our attitude, our practices, and our service. Our mission is simple: promote healthy trees, and create happy customers.

That simple little phrase is the heart of everything we do or say at Monster Tree Service. It’s pushed us to become the best tree service for our customers all over Pennsylvania, and it’s why people depend on us to tell them the truth about what their property needs. For every service and coupon we offer, customers can trust that the core of our company is a love for trees and care for customers.

Here is what that has resulted in:

Teams Made Entirely of Certified Arborists

Having certified arborists means our team will prioritize the health of your property and nothing else. Whether that means rehabilitating your existing trees, removing dead stumps, or planting new trees, our work is about adding value to your land. Utilizing knowledgeable specialists means our assessments, inspections, and estimates are backed by professional, scientific expertise.

Seasoned Tree Care Teams

Having all the knowledge in the world wouldn’t matter without the experienced crews to implement it. Our teams have handled every kind of tree problem before, so they know how to quickly, effectively, and efficiently tackle your tree and shrub issues.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Handling things as large and as heavy as trees requires many tools. Professional tools helps create professional results. One of the reasons our service is so valuable to customers is because we have the best equipment for the job in-house. No subcontracting, and no inexperienced operation. It makes us faster, more affordable, and capable of handling any job your property throws at us.

The Industry’s Best Service

What makes Monster different from any other tree service? It comes down to our attitude. We treat our customers with respect because we believe every homeowner should have the chance to have healthy trees. They bring beauty, fresh air, and climate moderation to the world—so our company does everything it can to help homeowners preserve and take care of their trees.

Our service also includes these promises:

  • We are always on-time.
  • We are always honest.
  • We always provide upfront prices.
  • We do everything we can to save you money.
We have a reputation for excellence with our customers because we hold ourselves to a high standard. Check out what our full service can do for you—call (215) 372-8312 today for a free quote.