About Monster of Chester County & Philadelphia Mainline

Serving Trees & Homes in Haverford, Ardmore, Devon, King of Prussia, & Beyond

What distinguishes Monster from other tree services is our genuine passion for trees and people. As a natural resource, trees are one of the world’s wonders: they provide shade and privacy, they clean the air, and they’re a beautiful and vital part of any local ecosystem. When we improve the health of trees, we know we’re improving the quality of life of our clients and their neighbors. That’s why our mission has two parts: create happy customers, and promote healthy trees!

Monster accomplishes that goal by making high-quality tree care accessible to homeowners throughout Narberth, Villanova, and other parts of Chester County. Our services are designed to ensure your trees are growing safely and in a healthy way (while removing dead or diseased trees from the environment). Our services are also designed to make sure you have an easy, simple, and pleasant experience with us, from our first assessment to our final cleanup.

What makes Monster Tree Service the most trusted tree service in the U.S.?

  • Experienced crews
  • State-of-the-art procedures
  • Upfront, honest prices
  • Free tree assessments
  • Price-beating guarantee

Certified Arborists

One of the most vital things we offer at Monster of Chester County & Philadelphia Mainline are our certified arborists. As highly-trained and experienced tree experts, our arborists are able to offer the best advice and most knowledgeable care in the industry. Their science-based approach to tree care allows them to spot trouble early and often, such as the possibility of dead wood, tree parasites, or soil quality issues. Their assessments form the foundation of our service, and they are what allow us to take care of your trees in the most effective way possible.

America’s First Tree Service Franchise

It’s not just what we offer that wins our clients over—it’s who we are. The team at Monster genuinely loves what we do, and we love serving our customers with the best results. Our passion for customers and trees drives everything we offer, do, and say. It’s a hard thing to measure, but it affects everything we do, from the way we answer your call to how we help homeowners file insurance claims.

If you need help with anything in your yard, from storm damage cleanup to working with your home insurance company, our arbor care specialists are more than happy to help. We have handled every kind of tree problem under the sun, so we can help answer your questions while taking care of your trees. From our certified tree experts to our licensed, bonded, and insured crews, the whole team is here to make sure your trees continue to look and grow healthy for a long time to come.