About Monster Tree Service of Plano

Professional Tree & Arborist Services in Plano

Since our company first started in 2008, we’ve grown from a small company in Pennsylvania to a national franchise serving dozens of locations from coast to coast. Each and every locally-owned and operate tree service company in our national franchise is staffed with expert arborists who make it a point to exceed your expectations. The exponential growth of our company is from knowing what it takes to provide the tree services you need, all at a competitive price. Whether you have trees needing some trimming or you have a hedge that’s never been properly pruned, our expert arborists can help you out. We have a well-earned reputation for providing the best tree services. We know you have options for your tree and lawn care needs, which is why we make sure you can count on our team to get the job done right.

Why We Do What We Do

For us, being an arborist isn’t just about trimming trees. We want to take the dirty work of plant care and plant health off your plate. We know you have better things to do than worrying about your outdoor space, but at the same time, you want to enjoy it as you go about your life. We are motivated to meet your need with comprehensive plant care.

These are just a few of the services we provide at Monster Tree Service of Plano:

  • Tree trimming
  • Dead-wooding
  • Shrub pruning
  • General landscaping
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Soil analysis
  • Tree pest removal
  • Plant health care

You don’t have to wait hours for a return phone call. Our arborists provide fast service, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate. We even offer 10% off competitors’ written estimates!

Book your Plano tree service today! Call (770) 741-2754 to schedule a FREE estimate with a member of our team.