Tree Removal in Holly Spring

Holly Springs, NC Tree ServicesMonster Tree Service is a professional tree care and tree removal service in Holly Springs and around the Research Triangle area. Our professional tree service team offers a wide range of commercial and residential tree care and tree removal services in Holly Springs, NC, and the surrounding areas.

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Our certified arborists have the skills to care for, maintain and effectively trim North Carolina’s most common and indigenous trees. Species we are familiar with include oak trees of all ages and sizes, coniferous trees and North Carolina’s signature Crepe Myrtles.

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Stump Grinding and Tree Removal Services

Our tree service in Raleigh, NC, is backed by a crew that has nearly 20 years of experience working together. We also have the latest and greatest technology for full tree services. We have cranes and stump grinding equipment, as well as the latest in trimming and pruning tools, for trees of all species, shapes, ages and sizes.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Those who choose Monster Tree Service in Holly Springs, NC, can expect the best in minor and major limb removals, as well as shrubbery trimming. We use expert techniques to improve the shape and appeal of our clients’ landscapes. We have all the technology necessary to elevate canopies, as well as highlight and bolster the shape and natural beauty of your trees. In turn, this will increase the curb appeal and aesthetic value of your home.

Sucker and Deadwood Removal

We guarantee safe removal of hazardous and unappealing deadwood and core clean-outs of sucker growth. Sucker and deadwood removal is an essential service for the maintenance and care of your tree—like a much needed haircut.

Our tree services in and around Fuquay Varina, NC,
provide this and more!

Storm Preparation

Monster Tree Service’s certified arborists are extremely proficient with tree removal techniques and the best safety practices. We can eliminate trees too close to your home or that threaten water and electrical lines. We also trim, prune and shape trees to retain their natural, unadulterated beauty.

Proper and effective storm prep prevents damage to siding, shingles, windows, gutters and much more. Our professional branch trimming also prevents bugs, pests, and critters from using limbs as bridges to access your house.

Deep-Root Fertilization and Diagnosis

Having true arboreal expertise means accurately diagnosing what is wrong with your tree(s), and then treating the issue(s) accordingly.

Not just anyone can identify arboreal diseases and heal your trees effectively and accurately. When you hire a certified arborist, you ensure that your trees are in the best, most capable hands.

Our tree removals in Chapel Hill, NC, are only performed by the most experienced and knowledgeable certified arborists. Monster Tree Service delivers the most superior tree services, and our clientele should expect no less.

Our arborists also take great pride in skillfully crafting unobstructed views while fully preserving the natural beauty of your landscaping.

The views are unbelievable around Charleston and the surrounding regions. However, they’re often obstructed by overgrowth, poorly maintained trees and excess brush.

Our careful attention to view enhancement and advanced landscape maintenance is guaranteed to give any residential or commercial property great curb appeal. We can do this through our tree removal services in Holly Springs, NC. However, we view tree removal as a last resort, first offering pruning, trimming and more.

For the latest and greatest in tree services in and around Holly Springs, NC, trust Monster Tree Service to deliver the best service there is!