Tree Services in Cary

Commercial & Residential Tree Trimming & Removal in Cary, NC

Trees are majestic creatures that add beauty and life to our environment. They provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Their shade can even help homes save on energy bills. They are also one of the longest living organisms on earth. Just like other creatures, trees need regular care and maintenance to ensure that they do not decay and / or become a dangerous hazard. At Monster Tree Service of the Research Triangle, our certified arborists in Cary have the skills and experience necessary to handle all of your tree service needs. We can help healthy trees thrive and remove any dead stumps.

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Premium Cary Tree Services

Our tree care professionals have years of experience working with trees in Cary. Many members of our staff are locals who understand the growing patterns of the vegetation and have insight unique to our city. We understand that if left untreated, foliage can grow rampant and pose structural dangers for buildings and homes. We also know what a great first impression a trimmed lawn can make.

Some of our comprehensive tree care services include:

  • Emergency Services – By their very natures, emergencies arise unexpectedly. Our lawn care experts can help you with services such as emergency tarp installation, storm damage cleanup, and more.
  • Plant Health Care – Just like other living things, plants need nutrients and care. We provide services such as fertilization, deep root feeding, tick control management, soil analysis, and more to keep your lawn healthy.
  • Pruning & Trimming – Overgrown branches are unsightly and dangerous. We provide services such as cabling/bracing, thinning, crown reduction, shrub trimming, and more.
  • Tree Removal – Dead trees can spread diseases to other plants, cause structural damage, and can be an eyesore. We help remove them along with tree planting, stump grinding, and more.

If you’re ready for unparalleled service from courteous, friendly lawn specialists, call Monster Tree Service of the Research Triangle. Our Cary arborists make your landscaping dreams into a reality!