Expert Root Crown Excavation

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Trees are funny things. They’re large, majestic plants, and researchers consider them among the oldest, largest living things on the earth. At the same time, without understanding how they work, even the smallest mismanagement can damage a tree permanently—even kill it. Among the most important things you can monitor is a tree’s root crown, a ring that’s only a few inches wide on the largest trees. That’s why when it comes to urban and suburban trees, working with an expert tree service is so important.

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What Is a Root Crown?

The root crown is the part of the tree that transitions between the root system and the trunk. It’s also sometimes called the collar, and it is the single most vulnerable part of your tree. In fact, many trees in the wild end up dying because their root crown becomes covered in leaves, dead branches, or other debris. Just a few inches of soil covering the root crown can introduce water mold fungi or choke the tree of the air and light it needs.

If the root crown is covered for a long time, like when homeowners apply too much soil to the base of a tree, it can cause it to slowly die. As a result, it becomes unstable—making it vulnerable to dead wood, infestations, diseases, and collapse. It’s not always homeowners, either. Sometimes the collar is covered simply as a result of the soil level rising over time. The simplest way to take care of this problem is through excavation, which exposes the root crown in the way your tree needs.