About Monster of North DFW

Expert Tree Service for Carrollton, Grapevine, Flower Mound, & Beyond

Our Texas tree service company is the most popular tree trimming and care service in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Often, people will cite that it’s because we offer the best quality service for the most affordable prices. That’s a part of it, sure. But we think that people continue to recommend us throughout North DFW because we’re more than a tree service company.

See, we have this idea. Our vision is for us to partner with every homeowner between Flower Mound and Carrollton, Grapevine, and more to take care of their trees and promote healthy growth and development. Why? Because trees are one of the most valuable plants on earth. They look beautiful, they clean the air, they provide shelter and privacy—in short, Monster Tree Service loves trees.

It’s why everything we do is about making tree service affordable, easy, and simple.

Which is what leads to our company’s industry-leading practices:

Certified Arborists

Knowledge and expertise are crucial when it comes to taking care of your land. Knowing the soil, the climate, the plant life—this is what allows any tree service specialist to make your property more healthy and beautiful. That’s what makes having an expert arborist on our team so vital. When we offer our customers advice or give them our input about what services they need, they can trust our professional expertise.

Experienced Tree Care Teams

To implement our professional and scientific knowledge, we form our teams out of the most experienced tree care workers in Texas. In their years of work, they’ve seen every kind of problem and situation under the sun. That means when we arrive on your property, they are already prepared with everything they need to handle your trees—after all, they’ve done it dozens of times before.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Unlike many other tree companies, Monster has invested in its own in-house grinders, cranes, and bucket trucks, along with experienced operators. What does that mean for you? It means we are already prepared to handle quite literally any job you have for us. No matter how big or how small, Monster has the tools to do it right, do it quickly, and do it today.

Changing the Industry with Service

While the above features and offerings are important, they are just by-products of our genuine care for our customers. Everything we do is for them, to make their lives better in the best way we know how. That’s why we commit ourselves to amazing customer service with every call.

Monster provides our customers with the following promises:

  • We arrive on-time
  • We are always honest
  • We provide upfront prices
  • We save you money whenever possible
  • We match or beat every competitor’s quote

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