Emergency Tarp Installation

Professional Tree Service Experts

If a tree has fallen onto your home, you need a solution—fast. Monster Tree Service offers emergency services for all kinds of tree-related disasters, including when they fall through the roof, window, or wall. We can remove your tree quickly, then install a professional-quality temporary cover for your home until a construction crew can make permanent repairs.

Call us immediately for fast, affordable tree removal and emergency tarp service.

We Can Handle Any Job, Big or Small!

We understand that you’re overwhelmed. You may not know the extent of the damage to your house, and you can’t even call a repair crew until the tree is gone. That’s why Monster Tree Service is committed to being the fastest, highest-quality, and most affordable service in the region. We want to take care of your issues with minimal stress and cost to you, so you can fix your home as quickly as possible.

If a storm caused your tree to fall, then installing a tarp won’t just provide peace of mind—it could prevent water damage to the interior of your home. Getting it installed quickly and professionally could save you an addition several hundred dollars, potentially. Let our fully insured team tackle the problem, and you can wait out the storm with confidence. Once the weather passes, you can get right on it by calling a repair team!

Why do our customers love Monster Tree Service so much?

  • We provide upfront prices.
  • We give free same-day quotes.
  • Our professionals are uniformed and on-time.
  • Our teams are experienced and led by certified arborists.

At Monster Tree Service, we’re dedicated to two things: creating happy customers and promoting healthy trees. If you want to replace the tree you lost in your emergency situation, we offer replacement trees that are ideal for your climate, soil, and weather.