Lawn Care

We do more than just lawn care. We’re your own personal concierge.

Clients come to us because they’re ready to see real, lasting results — not just a flash of green, then back to the same old lawn.

At Monster Tree Service, we go beyond green grass — or should we say, below it? Our approach is based in science, and it starts with the soil, not the grass. We assess your soil to understand your property’s specific chemistry blueprint and decipher the secrets to long-term, successful lawn care.

And we don’t stop there — we evaluate the entire green space on your property, so you understand how it all works together. We treat your lawn how it should be viewed, as part of a whole system.

Then, we provide a clear road map for how to get from where you are to where you want to be. We create a custom treatment plan based on the specific needs of your lawn, your personal goals, and of course, your budget.

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Lawn Care Roadmap

The way we work is simple.

We start by assessing your property to perform a free soil analysis. We take a core sample and run through a complete report with you, detailing your exact soil profile. We also walk through your property with you, so we can assess the other factors on your property like elevation, water drainage, soil compaction, and all other trees, shrubs, and turf.

Most importantly, we listen to your concerns, your goals, and your budget.

We come back to you with a clear road map for how to best meet those goals, on your budget and on your schedule.

We set up a series of treatment plans, which can mean 3-6 visits per season (March-November). This program consists of a balanced fertilization for your grass type. Just like us, turf species vary and the nutrient requirements may be slightly different. We address crabgrass, dandelions and all of the “common” issues we have all grown to despise.

We can set up a payment plan that works for you, whether that means paying up front or per visit or on a 10-month installment plan to make regular, smaller payments over a longer period of time—whatever works best for you.

Soil Chemistry

It’s all about the soil: the foundation of all your trees, shrubs and turf.

Every homeowner wants a vibrant, healthy lawn, with green, weed-free grass. But fighting to keep the grass healthy all season can feel like a full-time job. Why does the grass grow beautifully for a few weeks, then dry out? Why are there strange brown patches for no apparent reason? Why do the weeds just keep coming back? Why do the bugs seem to win every year?

Your lawn is part of a small world of its own, a community of living organisms that affect each other: grass, plants, trees, insects, animals, and birds. But the foundation of this world is not your grass. It’s your soil. Your soil has a specific makeup that’s based on some good old-fashioned chemistry: density, alkalinity, aeration, and nutrient makeup. Healthy soil is a good balance of each of these components. Too much or too little of any of those basic elements will make it harder for anything to take root and grow as successfully as it could. The wrong mix can make your grasses and plants more fragile, letting parasites wreak havoc or leaving plants more vulnerable to the effects of bad weather.

We will assess your soil’s composition and create a custom treatment plan to bring your soil into ideal balance. That’s the foundation for allowing every blade of grass, and every plant, herb, and shrub on your property to thrive. Then we support that foundation with a personalized maintenance plan for a healthy yard that you’ll enjoy for years.

Our Approach

As Natural as Grass

One of the things most people don’t realize is that a golf course-green lawn is not at all “natural.” It’s difficult to achieve and expensive to maintain, both in time and money. Most people are also surprised to learn that it requires an ongoing application of products.

Our goal is to provide the best results with the highest quality products that enhance the home you live in.


When is the best time of year to start prepping my lawn?

Your lawn needs are dependent on site conditions, soil conditions, sun, shade, etc. Therefore, the best time to prep your lawn is all season. Applications at different times of the season will prepare your lawn for following seasons and years, if done properly.

Why does my lawn do great for a month then die off after a big rain?

Many times, your lawn’s roots aren’t in the best condition, whether due to nutrient loss, poor fertilizer timing, or even too much water. We prefer to provide nutrient balance required for the optimal turf plant. When we do this, we will prepare your lawn better for every season.

How much does an annual contract typically cost?

A balanced lawn care program cost can vary based on your budget and your expectations. At Monster Tree Service, we prefer to work with you and explain needs and wants and expectations for your property.

How many times will you come visit/treat?

Our CORE program provides for 7 visits to your property. The program will cover all nutrient needs, crabgrass pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control (like dandelions), fertilization, insect control, soil amendments for pH and aerating and overseeding. We can tailor the program to your needs and help build long term solutions that your turf will be grateful for.