Effective Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

Fast, Affordable, & Professional EAB Treatment

Tens of millions of ash trees are dead. Tens of millions destroyed thanks to a small Asian beetle known as the Emerald Ash Borer. Well known to Michigan residents and researchers, this beetle is a major threat to all varieties of North American ash trees, and without control measures, could eradicate all ash trees in a given area within a decade. Currently, they have spread to at least 19 states. One out of five trees in Minnesota is an ash tree, which is why it is so important to protect this critical landscape feature.

Thankfully, there are both signs that reveal the presence of the EAB and treatments that keep it from killing your ash trees. These treatments are both scientifically-sound and environmentally-friendly, usually taking the form of trunk injections and soil injections. Our expert and certified arborists at Monster Tree Service can protect your trees from these predatory insects, so contact us today.

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How Do I Know If My Tree Has an EAB Infestation?

The signs of an Emerald Ash Borer infestation are clear, but homeowners have to be vigilant. EAB live and feed underneath the outer bark layer, choking the tree of its vital nutrients and water. Regularly check your bark for most of the signs, but also take a step back. Look at your tallest branches. Are a large number of them dying? Are there “bald spots” where leaves have stopped growing?

The signs of an EAB infestation include:

  • D-shaped holes in the outer bark
  • Excessive “flecking” from woodpeckers
  • Dead branches in the upper canopy
  • Loss of leaves in the topmost branches

Definitely keep an eye out for the D-shaped holes. These holes are how EAB larvae (the deadly stage of the EAB for ash trees) eventually leave the tree to become adult beetles. Woodpecker flecking is also an indicator that there are excessive amounts of insects in your tree. The birds themselves are not an issue—it’s what they’re finding that makes them such a troubling sign.

Why Choose Monster Tree Service?

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Our Emerald Ash Borer treatments are scientifically-based, and our experienced tree specialists know precisely how to handle infestations of all kinds. We know the best way to prepare and protect your trees without impacting the rest of your yard, making our treatments both safe and environmentally-friendly. Don’t wait to call—let us protect your trees today.

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