High-Quality Trunk Injections

Giving Your Tree the Protection It Needs

Thanks to the Emerald Ash Borer, a tree parasite that has destroyed millions of trees throughout the Midwest, homeowners are a little more aware of how insects can affect tree life. It was not long ago that the only way to protect a tree from insects and pests was through spraying pesticide all over the tree. Unfortunately, the larger the tree, the more pesticide was sprayed—leaving surrounding plants and people vulnerable to any harmful side effects.

Now, cutting-edge science allows arborists to protect trees more effectively from the inside through trunk injections. Trunk injections protect trees from bugs and disease more effectively than any spray, while minimizing any impact to the environment (including you). Researchers believe that a single trunk injection can be effective enough to protect a tree for up to three years. If you want to protect your tree for years against harmful and destructive insects, call Monster Tree Service today!

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Why You Can Trust Monster Tree Service

Our company is the leading tree health and tree removal service business in the nation for a simple reason: we have a vision and a passion for what we do. Our goal is to partner with every homeowner to improve the health of their trees. Trees are a vital natural resource, providing shade, privacy, clean air, increased market value, and beauty to homeowners. The way we do that is by providing the highest-quality plant health care at the most competitive prices.

Here’s the other ways we fulfill our mission to create happy customers and healthy trees:

  • We provide upfront prices
  • We show up on-time and well-dressed
  • Our advice is backed by scientific expertise
  • Our teams have years of experience with tree care
  • Our equipment is state-of-the-art and highly effective

Our plant and tree health care program can match or beat any competitor’s quote—guaranteed. Call today!