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Our dedicated tree service company has a passion for upholding the development, health, and growth of trees. Not only trees add incredible beauty and value to a property—they also play a pivotal role in the production of clean, breathable air in our local ecosystems. There are a lot of reasons to love trees, which is why we offer affordable tree planting or replacement services!

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When we remove dead or diseased trees from your property, or when you simply want to add more trees for how they look, our certified arborists can plant them on your property easily and effectively. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, extensive expertise, and years of experience, we can ensure your property and your plant-life are healthy and beautiful for years to come.

We Plant the Following Types of Trees

Due to our in-house equipment and expertise, our team can plant every kind of tree you could need. Our certified arborist can help you choose a tree that’s ideal for your property, climate, and appearance needs. Once you have the perfect tree in mind, we can plant one of any size—whether you need a 30-foot spruce or a tiny sapling.

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Our certified arborists are dedicated to two things: our mission is to keep trees safe and healthy and to keep our clients satisfied. That’s why our services are crafted towards making our team the most convenient, knowledgeable, and affordable service out there.

Clients turn to Monster Tree Service because:

  • We provide the highest-quality expertise for your tree care
  • Our services are courteous, making sure your property is cleaner when we leave
  • Our workmanship is 100% insured and guarantees professional results

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