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Tree elevating is the practice of trimming the lowest branches on a tree in order to give it more clearance and eliminate low-hanging branches. Arborists employ elevating in order to provide homeowners with safer tree growth, as low-hanging branches can reach over swimming pools, against windows on the house and other problem areas.

Certified arborists know how to elevate trees in such a way as to make them grow vertically with a good branch structure. That’s the kind of thought and professional care Monster Tree Service is known for. We provide homeowners with an affordable, simple service that keeps their trees healthy, their homes safe, and their property beautiful.

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Why Does My Tree Need Elevating?

In the woods, trees naturally compete with one another for sunlight. That’s why they grow vertically—sideways growth isn’t possible in densely-packed forests. However, in the open space of the suburbs, trees grow sideways as well as up. Sideways growth is a stress on the trunk, and without proper care, they will outgrow their ability to support their weight.

Monster Tree Service is devoted to our twofold mission: promote healthy trees and create happy customers. Our goal is to make sure your trees are healthy while protecting the value and safety of your property. Elevating, thankfully, accomplishes both. Let us assess your tree and let know if you will need trimming, pruning, or other kinds of arbor care.

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